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The styles of boats have changed to a more sleek, flush-mounted appearance and we have designed many different models to accommodate these recent trends. Flush mounted hatches and accessories have many advantages, both in aesthetics and in practical use of your boat. Cosmetically, flush mounting allows the consumer to focus on the unobstructed flat surfaces, peaks and curves of a boat, getting a better idea of its performance capabilities and making it more pleasing to the eye.

Just as important, flush mounting adds to the more practical dynamics of a well-designed boat. Flush mounted lids and deck rigging will limit unwanted deck wash and wind friction, making paddling easier, drier and a more pleasant experience. Because everything is recessed below the surface of the deck, we have designed better, water-tight seals, to limit unwanted leakage.

Flush Mounted Lids

Manufacturers know the importance of a strong, water-tight, well-fitting lid and our newly designed lids are an excellent example of this. Now made from a fibreglass/foam core laminate, they are stronger and more rigid, and will retain their shape better and provide a stronger load-bearing surface. At the same time, the foam edges of our new lids are softer than a standard fiberglass edge and will be less abrasive to the deck recess.

Sorry, no more deep water diving--our new lids float!

Flush Mounted Eyelets

Designed for both appearance and functionality, recessed fittings enhance the overall smooth, straight lines of a boat, making it more pleasing to the eye. Recessed fittings are also functional as they are completely sealed in the fibreglass laminate, there are no water access points, thus they are completely water-tight.

Made from stainless steel rod, the metal eyelets will not break or corrode and should last the life of the boat. The smooth finish of the metal allows deck rigging to slide easily, so the wear on shockcord and deck surfaces is minimized.

As they are designed to be close to the surface of the deck, wave splash is kept to a minimum and you keep drier.

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