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The hardest part is done in choosing the right kayak, but a few important items are still needed for paddling. Most touring kayaks will come outfitted with a rudder, deck rigging, bulkheads, seat, etc.




A paddle is the next necessary item. There are many makes and models that are used for different applications. Contact a paddle manufacturer (Nimbus Paddles) and they will describe a paddle best suited for your size and the type of paddling you are doing.
Kayaks are classified under the small craft laws and are subject to Coast Guard regulations (see Canadian Coast Guard or U.S. Coast Guard regulations for small boat safety). Generally, you must have the following on board a kayak: a life jacket (or Personal Floatation Device), a spare paddle, a throw line (15m of 9mm floating rope), a pump or bailing device, and a whistle or signaling device. These items are for your safety and are required by law. In addition, a paddle float/self rescue system (and the knowledge and practice to use it) can be a lifesaver.

Other accessories to make paddling more comfortable may include some of the following: dry bags for gear storage, compass, sails, and all kinds of paddling clothing from wetsuits and dry suits, sun/rain hats to paddling footwear, etc. Good paddling!

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