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Seat foam
     Our new foam seats are contour formed for maximum comfort and adjustable for individual size and needs.


Flush lid straps
     Streamline Flush mounted hatch lid straps.

 Seat tray
     Designed for easy adjustability and access to seat.

Seat tray strap
     Designed for easy adjustability and access.


 Foot controls
     Footrests are constructed from hard, extruded plastics and aluminium parts.


Rudder rope
     Designed for smoother and less problematic usage of the rudder.


Metal eyelets
     Designed for both appearance and functionality.


 Map tray
     Made from soft neoprene, delicate on bare feet but strong enough to store the large important items.


Rescue Strap
     Rescue straps are designed to be used in conjunction with a paddle and/or a paddle float.


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