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Chartline Kits
     The chartline assembly is centred in front of the cockpit for easy access.


Map Tray Kit
      Made from soft, bright neoprene, delicate on bare feet but strong enough to store the large important items.


Rudder Kit
     First, install footrests & extrusion. Find appropriate placement of footrest for your size.


Thigh/Knee Pads
     Thigh\Knee pads--contoured to ensure a better fit. These pads are CNC machined to fit into our kayaks.


Towline Kit
      Place eyelets in appropriate places and install using 3/16" drill bits & tighten.


Hatch Cover Kit
     Recommended use with rescue strap kit or stern shockcord kit and straps to hold lid down.


Creature Comfort Seat Kit
      Our foam seats are contour formed for maximum comfort and adjustable for individual size and needs.


Footrest Kit
     Footrests are constructed from aluminium and hard, extruded plastic parts.


GPS Holder
     Makes using and viewing your GPS easier and more convenient. Clips to your kayak; is light and will float with your GPS attached.


Rescue Strap Kit
     On Nimbus™ kayaks, universal rescue straps will fit in the pre-designed flush recesses. For all other boats, place straps parallel to seams, just behind cockpit rim.


Stern Shock Cord Kit
     Stern shock cord is generally used to hold down stern lid and for easy access to stern deck rigging.


Kayak Cart
     A sturdy, easy to assemble cart that can be disassembled completely for easy storage in a kayak or canoe.


Spare parts kit


Trek Stove
     This stove was designed to provide the cooking needs of one or two people.


Flush Lid straps
     Streamline Flush mount hatch lid straps.


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