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Versatile foam seat

Our foam seats are contour cut on a specially made machine for maximum comfort. The foam blank is only 3/8" thick at the bottom of the seat for a low centre of gravity, allowing both confidence and comfort in your boat. It has two drain channels cut in it to allow water to run through so your seat should remain relatively dry. The foam blank is covered with a non absorbent, hard wearing mesh fabric to which a backrest is attached. Note: The seat is made of material that will not absorb water. The foam blank can be easily carved out by hand to accommodate individual sizes. We recommend the use of a Thermarest Sport Seat with our seat for the most deluxe seating comfort. The sport seat can be placed on top of the seat or insert under the mesh cover with just the valve sticking out. The Thermarest Sport Seat should be almost completely deflated in order to ensure that you don't raise the centre of gravity in the kayak and make it tippy.


History of the Creature Comfort Seat

The genesis of the Creature Comfort Seat was in the late 80's when I was unsure of my continued involvement with Nimbus Kayaks and Paddles Ltd. due to shareholders each going their separate ways. So I decided that if I couldn't buy the company I started that I would give making custom wooden Windsor chairs a go. Wel,l in the end, I was able to purchase the kayak part of the business and have been so busy ever since that only a couple to the chairs were ever built. The basic contour of the seat is very similair to what I came up with for the chairs.

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