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Length Beam Depth Weight (lbs.) Cockpit size
18' 7" 23" 12" 53 Glass
46 Kevlar®
31.5" x
Storage Volume
Total volume (litres) Bow Hatch Cockpit Stern Hatch
310 65 135 110

 The Lootas is a very manoeuvrable, tight-fitting kayak that will accommodate paddlers from 120 to 200 lbs and still be able to carry two weeks' worth of supplies. The Lootas' hull is soft chined with a very generous rocker. The soft chine allows very easy, predictable motion from gunwale to gunwale, which, combined with the rocker, makes the boat's direction easy to control with boat lean and paddle strokes. Flush hatches and deck fittings and recessed, flip-up rudder make for a very streamlined appearance. The Lootas will appeal to a select segment of active and reactive sea kayakers.